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Top 5 Spring Maintenance Tips for HVAC

Spring is in the air. With hot weather is on its way, you’ll be cranking up the Air Conditioning before you know it. Don’t be caught unprepared – start on your “To-do” list now. Here are the five top HVAC tasks you should tackle as allergy season hits.

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Check/Change your Filters

Clogged HVAC filters put your equipment under additional, unnecessary strain and decrease the efficiency of your system. Avoid these costly issues. Check your furnace and A/C filters and replace them as needed. The recommendation is to swap them out monthly when in use.

Clean Your Ducts

Your duct system is also vulnerable to clogs from dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, and other allergens. On average, your home collects 40 pounds of dust each year. And that dust is full of contaminants that may cause respiratory issues, and possibly even more dangerous problems. Minimize these hazards and help boost your A/C’s effectiveness with professional duct cleaning by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning.

Clean Up Around Your A/C Unit

It’s important to keep a minimum of two feet of clearance around the A/C unit outside your home. Clear vegetation and remove any debris that may have blown up against the unit during bad weather. This allows your A/C to work unimpeded for better performance.

Outdoor A/C Inspection

Once you’ve cleared the area around it, carefully inspect your A/C unit for any visible damage and potential problems. Be sure no openings are clogged. Inspect the base pan and clear the drainage hole if necessary. Check for wear and tear to your fan blades and inspect your refrigerant lines for damaged or missing insulation.

Schedule an A/C Tuneup

Ensure your air conditioner will operate effectively once the hot weather sets in. By scheduling your A/C tuneup before you need to use your A/C unit, you’ll be ready for the season and support the longevity of your cooling equipment. The skilled techs at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning perform thorough A/C tuneups. They help keep your equipment running at full power and identify any problems that could cause breakdowns and emergency repairs down the road.

Schedule an appointment early with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning to prevent the inconvenience of an A/C breakdown during the summer heat.

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